About B&S Hacienda Auto Body

Bruno and Son Auto Body was established in San Francisco, California in 1956 and is a 3rd generation family owned business. Grandfather Bruno Sanchez and his sons developed the family business with honesty, passion, and craftsmanship. In 1977 Bruno’s son David took control of the business and paved the steps for the family to follow. In 1991 B&S moved their headquarters to Pleasanton and changed the name to B & S Hacienda Auto Body.

Since 1956 the Sanchez Family has committed themselves to customer service and quality repair work. B&S has grown to 6 locations in the Tri-Valley area of the Eastern Bay Area. B&S started off as a small 3,000-square foot family business to become the premiere Auto Body shop in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Kustomine impact

Having steadily grown to 6 locations and accumulating many years worth of customer information, B&S set out to improve its relationship with existing customers and provide a more modern and friendly customer experience. Starting with the Kustomine automatic import tool, the legacy B&S customers became available in the dashboard, providing several key data points for B&S to focus its email outreach on. Once the live data feed was turned on, customers were welcomed via email before even leaving the facility.

B&S found that it was a perfect opportunity to empower the customer with great information.

Goodbye to the clipboard.
Goodbye to the paper shredder.
Hello to empowering the customer with Repair, Company and Right-to-Choose information.
Hello to much, much better customer engagement and a noticeable increase in converted estimates

Then COVID-19 hit.

By intelligently collecting customer data before the start of the pandemic, B&S was in a unique position to stay in contact with its customer base. Considered an essential business under State and Federal guidelines, they were able to let their customers know about their COVID-19 protocols in place and keep the doors open. Once the pandemic started to subside, business roared back in a huge way. B&S credits the Kustomine email outreach with keeping the lights on, doors open and quickly back into the black.